LIT Mood Lighting Controller

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Lighting control apps are unnecessarily complicated and not intuitive enough for people new to the internet of things. The design of the interface often makes usability difficult and not efficient enough to control room lights. The design of a mood lighting controller app has the potential to look stunning but this must be done without compromising the functionality and usability. People spend a large amount on purchasing the hardware of different lights and bulbs and are extrmemly frustrated with apps that cannot control them properly.

Developed from my user experience design process and user testing, this design makes usability more intuitive by separating the control functions into three categories. Controlling the room, controlling the lights within an entire room and also controlling just individual lights. Making the basic controls simple and efficient allows the possibility of extra functions such as grouping rooms, saving colour palettes for quick access and different moods as well as setting timers. The app features are presented below with a design process section showing the design development.

Living Room Screen Pink Presentation

Front View Main Screens Presentation

Angled Menu and Icons Presentation

Front View Zoomed Menues Presentation

Three Quarters View Group Presentation

Floor Lamp Orange Presentation

Front View Palettes Presentation

Car Timer Screen Presentation

Light Set Up 9 Isometric Screens Presentation

Closeup Colour Screen Presentation

Closeup Product Setup Screen Presentation